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How to create a Wapkiz site
21-04-21 (22:58)
wapkiz is one of the popular free platform to create a beautiful and awesome website with. So if you are looking for an easy and reliable platform to start with, I recommend wapkiz. Let"s start immediately, Step 1, head to www.wapkiz.com , click on register as shown in the image below Step 2, fill out the form as shown in the screenshot below and agree to third terms and conditions then click CREATE NOW. Step 3, Now you have successfully created an account with them but you haven"t created a website yet. Click on ADD NEW 5 SITE LEFT as shown in the screenshot below Step 4, in the create domain box, write a name you prefer to give your site, make sure it is not yet taken by another person. Select a subdomain e.g hubfactory.wapkiz.com, choose category then click CREATE NOW as shown in the screenshot below Step 5, A new web page will automatically open, it will be familiar with the one on the screenshot below. If you see this kind page know that your website has been created successfully. That is all. Plz if you got inspired by this tutorial please comment and share us. And stay tuned as we bring to you all the wapkiz help you need
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