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trickbd style footer code with css
08-04-21 (01:01) category: Wapkiz Tutorials
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wap site body background image code same homeofjava
08-04-21 (00:58) category: Wapkiz Tutorials
paste this code in your wap index home page or any thing body{background-image:url(http://www.html.am/images/backgrounds/background-image-2.gif);}
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Last step on how to park a custom domain
07-04-21 (23:52) category: Wapkiz Tutorials
STEP V: Add your domain Finally, add your domain. Then save it. NOTE: If you got an error after adding the domain, don’t panic, it a normal thing. DNS pointing takes maximum of 48 hours
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How to park a custom wapkiz domain
07-04-21 (23:40) category: Wapkiz Tutorials
Do you find it difficult to park custom domain into your WAPKIZ SITE? Or you’re facing errors while trying to park it. Then this article is for you. Welcome to tutorial. Today, we’re woll be teaching you Simple steps on how to successfully park
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My site folder/Category code
07-04-21 (22:33) category: Wapkiz Folder Codes
Hello guys today am sharing with you a latest update code like HOMEOFJAVA.PK Copy en paste the code below ☞ Select Categoriesd=:to-id(0)||
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My websites!!
04-04-21 (14:08) category: Wapkiz Tutorials
Download site Logo maker site!!! Blog site Thanks for chosing us!!!! Team Wap4u
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Wapkiz blog code
31-03-21 (08:50) category: Java Zone
Posts | Add Post | Add Screenshot | Add BB Codes Basic Rules: (Updating/Under maintainance)
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How to chat with 2 2go accounts
31-03-21 (07:47) category: Java Zone
Today I have brought the trick to chat with 2 2 go together. Title: Now you can run 2 To Go IDs at once using Java. Ditchcription: Hello, friends if you download the app. You can't drive in life. If
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Welcome post
31-03-21 (06:46) category: others
Hello dear visitor welcome to Wap4u website forum where' you will get help about android tricks and java mobile and website designing all codes create account and enjoy...
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